Insulated Water Bottle Carriers with NZ Wool

Insulated Water Bottle Carriers with NZ Wool

Insulated with New Zealand Wool, a water bottle or thermos carrier.   Keeps your drinking water cool throughout the day. If it is a plastic water bottle container that you have, it protects it from those deadly sun rays.

Insulated Water Bottle Carry Bag The insulated double skinned oilskin bag has an easy operated clip that can hook onto the bottom of the bag through a D ring for ease of hand carrying or attach onto something else. I clip it onto a D ring, on my saddle to give me ready access to my drinking bottle throughout the day, which is kept cool.

The nickel plated clip and D are attached with webbing, with a pull string at the top to secure the bottle in place if the need arises.  I use a single skinned stainless steel water bottle (900ml) and it retains a cool temperature throughout the day.  These Insulated Water Bottle bags come in three sizes with an oilskin outer. The medium size is suitable for 500ml bottles and the large for 750ml/900ml, extra large  suitable for 1 Litre bottle or small thermos

Most popular is the large Water bottle bag with an iPhone or Android water resistant pocket. iPhone or Android slips in easily into the lined outer pocket with a Velcro securing flap. Within easy reach and safe, if flap is resealed after use.

Funky Coloured Leather Water bottle bag, limited leather colours & limited editions, made to order only. Extra large, good sized iPhone pocket, still wool insulated with oilskin inner etc  Ask about colour options.

Flap Over Water bottle bag.   Same as all of the above, iphone pocket, insulated, extra deep, could be used for lunch bag. Price on request

Coat carry bag.  Protects all coats from horse sweat, clips onto saddle front or back,  quick to put on or remove, oilskin fabric, cylindrical  in shape “a must” for day trip riders. 450cm long or 18″ with snap eye swivel clips. There is also a shorter length, 14″

Saddle apron also available on request. Pull over your saddle on a wet day to keep saddle dry or pull over your legs for extra protection from the elements. Made of light canvas. Mine are 75cm (29.5″) from centre to bottom or shorter by arrangement. Two types, there is the long look, like mine or a shorter version with rounded bottom and or with a horn hole for western saddles. I need to know the diameter of the saddle horn.

Wool insulated  Wine Cooler Carry Bag. Carry 2 bottles of wine and 2 glasses (I use plastic). Features;  inner oilskin lined, with a pocket to put ice slicker pad  to keep wine cool, outer oilskin, magnetic or Velcro closure. When not in use can lay flat for storage. Colour green or brown. Great present for friends or treat yourself to carry wine or beer, keeping it cool, when going on picnics or outings.

Single bottle of wine  if your really want a party on the trail, with a clip to be carried on your horse.

Saddle Bag. Light, 2 pockets of good size, to hold a lunch box, small emergency kit and a camera. This one ( picture) is made of an artificial canvas, clips onto saddle,  buckles for securing flap down or use Velcro. Mine has extra “Ds” for securing my soft sun glass case.

Large Saddle Bag, designed to go behind saddle. Features 2 inside pockets, 1 for sunglasses or similar, other for string or other such items kept separate. Three “D” to tie onto saddle or can come with dog clips.  Water proof light canvas, straps are thread through buckle, with Velcro securing. Bag measures 3″ (8cm) deep x 11″ (28cm) long x 11″ (28cm), good size capacity.

Woollen Blanket for any occasion. You, the client, choose your favourite woollen blanket and I’ll turn it into a rug to keep your horse warm while cooling down after a ride and wash down. Photo shows it as extra long, but that doesn’t need to be like that.  Cost by reasonable negotiation.

Quad Bike Handle Bar Covers one size fits all.  Lined with wool or synthetic fabric.  Velcro fastening. Keeps your hands warmer from the wind and cold winter conditions. No need for gloves. Light canvas or Oilskin

Wool Lined Dog Covers. Keep those faithful workers warmer in their kennals.  Velcro fastened under neck. Clip glide fastened around the middle, but fastens high up so that it doesn’t impede when dog is lying on its side.  I require measurement from back of neck to base of tail for customized fitting.  Light canvas or Oilskin outer. (Dog model, bewilded by attention)

Hay Net. Is a canvas bag with a hole in front and a loop to tie it back if necessary. No photo

Wood Carry Bag. A simple open carry bag for carrying wood or hay. No photo

For corporate use, your promotional logo can be substituted.  Made in New Zealand. All enquires welcome.


Extra Large Bag $46 (larger than large and a little deeper) + postage

Extra Large iPhone Pocket bag as above (as deep)$66 + postage

Large bag $40 (750ml)+ postage

Large iPhone Pocket bag, as above $66 + postage

Medium bag $40 (500ml)+ postage

Coat bag $65 (14 inch) or  $80 (18 inch wide)  + postage

Saddle aprons $88 (canvas) + postage 

Wine Cooler Carry Bag $100 +postage 

Single Wine Carry Bag  $50 + postage

Saddle Bag (small) $90 + postage

Large Saddle Bag  $120 + postage

Woollen Blanket  minimum $80 ,plus fabric  costing  by arrangement

Funky Coloured Leather Water Bag (Limited edition) $100 + postage

Wool Lined Dog Covers ( length by measurement) $80 + postage

Quad Bike Handle Bar Covers   $55 + postage

Canvas Hay Net    $28 + postage

Wood carry bag     $25 + postage

Multiple purchase? Postage by a fair arrangement. Tracked postage included in postal bag   Rural customers an extra $5.50 (I’m sorry not my idea.  As I am also on a  rural mail run,  I personally am annoyed, that we are penalized yet again)